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A Must Read Announcement



Hey everyone! This Big Announcement is long overdue eh?! Ha! Ha! We know, we know! 


We feel it is time to share what’s been going on, share a big announcement and fill you in on how this one change can help YOU! 


First, I want to ask you to dig deep and remember a time in your life when you were “winning”……when you experienced total success whether financially, personally, physically, spiritually or all of the above. How did you feel


Where were you at? Who were you with? What sounds, smells or tastes do you remember? 


Anchoring that feeling is super important as you move forward in life and with your goals. You have the power to manifest your deepest desires don’t ya know?! You REALLY do! 


Personally, over the past few months, we had hit a wall and got utterly stuck. We were disappointed with ourselves which we take full responsibility for. Have you ever been stuck? Have you ever hit a brick wall?


I bet you can relate because most of us have felt this way at some point in our lives. It’s natural. It’s what you DO that matters, even if it’s just baby steps. Do you stay stuck accepting what life hands out or do you grab the bull by the horns, take action, and ride the momentum wave to a whole new level? We’d say the latter for sure! 


There have been other outside factors that we’ve been dealing with as well…..just one example is taking care of my elderly Dad AND uncle who both live with us on a permanent basis.  


I didn’t want to say anything before because I didn’t want to seem like we were saying, “Look at us and the good deeds we’re doing by taking care of them.” It isn’t that way. We’re doing it because it’s the RIGHT thing to do. Period. We should never discount the elderly. They are special and deserve to be treated with respect, not left behind or forgotten about. It is a big job though and to be honest, it has been difficult to focus for me at times.



We know from the past, and more than likely you can relate to this too, that life can be short so the time to act is NOW. We’ve suffered many personal losses and tragedies that reminds us that we never want to miss out on the time we have left with loved ones ever. Others should never dictate to us when, where, how long, and how much we can spend with those we love. Period.


But NOW…..I’m super fired up because what we’re about to share we KNOW will help so many, it’s simply mind blowing!!!! 


When we made the decision back in 2009 to become freedom-preneurs, it was because we were tired of living paycheck to paycheck, not able to afford date nights or gifts for family members, barely able to make it, much less have the time to spend with loved ones like we wanted.


We didn’t want to be micromanaged, or told when we can have time off, when we can take a break, when we can go on vacations, etc.. We wanted to be able to spend more time with each other as a couple, spend more time doing fun things with our 4 sons and 4 beautiful grandchildren, travel, eat in nice restaurants, hang out with like minded people who have a bigger vision of changing the world. 


We have experienced freedom! We have traveled more in the past few years than ever before in our lives, met all sorts of amazing people from all walks of life and we are forever grateful for not only the financial success but more importantly for the connections, the education, and the personal mindset shifts that has helped us grow beyond belief. 


We have experienced success and still are, but it’s not even about what our results are…it’s about YOURS. At the end of the day, you can’t pay your bills with our money so isn’t it more about YOUR results?


What are YOU going to do to improve your current circumstances? Who couldn’t use extra money? Even the extremely wealthy know there’s always more you can do to help others less fortunate and they make that decision quickly…rarely changing their minds in the process. 



Our dream and vision hasn’t changed but some other things have changed that has caused distraction in the past few months, but ultimately led to a wake up call. We knew it was time to diversify our income in order to meet our goals. What we have found is that this will not only help us, but will help thousands of others, maybe even YOU, if you make the decision to work with us. 


What we’re offering is a way for you to do whatever it is that YOU are passionate about along with HUGE benefits too numerous to list. We will, however, list some of the highlights you will get when you choose to work with us:


  • 100% commissions (paid directly to you, not through the company or merchant account)


  • Instant pay (no waiting on hold backs)


  • No monthly fees (this is HUGE…so many get upset about having to pay for monthly auto-ships and marketing systems, you don’t have this here)


  • A fair comp plan that doesn’t penalize you for not being  “ALL IN”


  • Only pass up your 1st sale of each product, that’s it. 


  • 4 ways to make money (Direct sales, pass ups, roll ups, and upgrades)


  • Excellent community, support, and resources 


  • Marketing Education products that will teach you the necessary skills to master in order to take your business to the next level


 SO much more, but it’s up to YOU to decide if you want further information on this and whether you’ll take action or not. We’re here for you, but we won’t do it for you. We believe in 100% personal accountability. We’re all grown ups here right?! Don’t be like those who have the lottery “get rich” quick mentality. Anything worth having is worth working for.  ;) 


Here’s what we (B & Flea) can offer you if you choose to work with us personally:

  • Our list of top recommended books/audios to help you work on having the right mindset for success
  • We’ll share with you exactly what’s working for us including our best traffic sources
  • Access to our exclusive inner circle FB group and team Skype chat room for additional support and updates




 So, here’s the deal guys….we’re fired up and ready to ROCK! We still have our EN blog obviously, but are no longer affiliates of that company. This new income source PPP, we believe, will help YOU take any  business your passionate about, even the opportunity itself which is a business in a box and market so successfully that you’re sure to achieve your goals.



Do you want to be working from home so you can be there when you’re children are sick, attend their school outings or functions? Do you want the time freedom to take care of your elderly parents or relatives?


Do you want the freedom to work your own schedule so you can be with your spouse or significant other, travel, help out with charities financially or physically, or just be a part of a community with a bigger vision?



Maybe you just want a little extra money for your own personal reasons..this may or may not be for you but why not at least check it out. Can’t hurt right?! 


Simply click on the “Let Me In” button below, enter your correct info, watch the entire video, then a make a decision. Super simple! 




We wish you much success in your endeavors! Whether it’s working directly with us or doing something entirely different, we want you to know we celebrate others victories and are happy just to see others following their passion and purpose. 


Much Love, 

B & Flea 




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