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Brian and Felicia White


Our story about us and our lifestyle of freedom began in the summer of 2009. We’re going share with you the THREE things that helped us become FREE, but first….

a little bit about us and our journey…..


Brian and I have been happily married for 23 years. We have 4 grown sons and 4 beautiful grandchildren who are our hearts. 


It’s very hard to get them all together at the same time because one of our sons and grand daughter moved out of state a few years ago, so we’ll share a picture of him and his family first.. (Here they are making crafts together as they are all amazing artists)


About Us




Next we’ll share a pic of me (Felicia) with 3 of our grown boys and grandchildren)


About Us



Just have to share this adorable pic of two of our grandchildren..they just love each other so much!


About Us


As you can see, our family is a HUGE part of “why” we do what we do. 


What’s YOUR why?


So, back to the story of how and when we got started doing what we do….


We had both lost our jobs within 9 months of each other. We had no money for date nights, no money for vacations, struggling to pay our bills, and were sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Brian was a Telephone/cable Installer and Repairman and I was an Office Manager of a large company and then suddenly we were unemployed. Just like that! Has this ever happened to you?

Well we were fed up with being at the mercy of Corporate America for stability. We were also fed up with working our butts off only to make someone else rich all the while sacrificing time with each other as a couple, as well as our awesome boys.

We said to each other, “There’s got to be a better way where success depends on our own efforts and we can be free.”

Maybe YOU can relate.


…and as you read this, we want YOU to know that YOU can live your dreams and inspire generations to come, and it starts the moment you just DECIDE to do so.


The Journey Begins….

We just knew there were other people out there who were living life on their terms, free to spend time with their families doing the things they loved, things we wanted to do, so we decided to take action right away…we did some research and took the dive never to return to a normal job again. 

We stepped out in  faith and took our unemployment checks (even though we knew we might have to starve for that week) to get started in our first home based business.

We struggled for a few years with different companies, partially due to the comp plans in those companies that only offered little, itsy, bitsy commissions…it’s just how MLM’s can be sometimes.

We were realistic in knowing no one ever gets rich overnight. You have to put in the work, but at this rate it would take 5-10 years to see any real income changes.


Fortunately, it’s not the case anymore since we found what we found.


Have you ever worried about not having enough food for the week? If so, this is exactly why you have to do something different so you’ll never have to struggle for food, rent, gas for your car, clothes, or diapers for your child again.


If you have tried network marketing before, did you struggle so badly that you felt like you spent tons of money only to get nowhere?



Brian & Felicia White


 Let us interject for a moment….this is where one event can change your life. ;)


If we hadn’t started looking at network marketing, we would have never learned personal development which helped us overcome some extremely dark times in our lives where we lost 3 of our dear loved ones all within about 6 months of each other. 


First our first born grand daughter Shyanne pictured here..(passed due to SIDS)

About Us




Then my best friend Steph, (like a sister) of 15 years was murdered- pictured here..


About Us



Then my Mom passed unexpectedly at home after being released from the hospital too soon after having a “routine” procedure done (the hospital caused an infection that killed her.) She is pictured here also..

About Us



So needless to say, all these unexpected deaths taught us that we’re not promised tomorrow, if we want our lives to change..we must act immediately. Life can be short so we must cherish our time with loved ones NOW. 


We thank God for the time we had with them. We thank God for personal development to work harder on ourselves and overcome such  challenges in our lives and keep going to live with passion and purpose. 

Our hope is that sharing such personal trials will encourage you to be unshakable and unstoppable no matter what happens. 


If we hadn’t got into network marketing we would have never known about the wonderful opportunity/movement that we’re involved with now which you’ll have to keep on reading if you want to know more.


Back to the journey….


It’s simple stuff if you just duplicate what is being taught and share with others. People tend to over complicate things, make excuses, blame others, etc. We never blamed anyone else for our lack of success.

We took 100% personal accountability and chalked it up to failures that were just stepping stones to get us to where we needed to be. We got  better and better and so can YOU!



While we were in another company, we remember getting an email from our good friend Aki whom we knew from being in another company we were previously involved with and he introduced this new company, (Empower Network) which his brother David was co-founder of.



Brian & Felicia White

Brian & Felicia White with Aki Wood in Miami


We knew from listening to David’s past trainings in another company we were involved with that he was someone to listen to. He knew what he was talking about. He knew how to influence and teach others in a powerful way. 


So, we made a decision on Nov. 4th, 2011 to make this new company (EN) that Aki had brought to our attention, our primary focus and run with it. We saw the vision and it was a blessing.



Brian & Felicia White

Brian & Felicia White with Empower Network co-founder David Wood in Denver.



Money is a tool that allows you to get what you want. It is a tool that empowers others to take charge of their lives and allow more time and financial freedom to spend with loved ones doing things you like to do. You can help more if you have money, than if you don’t. Just remember that when naysayers try to convince you that money is evil. It’s not!


Here is one example of us having made $3000.00 while we were sleeping. (See Income Disclosure HERE, just because we’re making money doesn’t mean you will…it does take work and following the 8 core commitments) That’s when you know your automated business is working.


Brian and Felicia White

Brian & Felicia White onstage during commission countdown at Empower Network’s Miami Freedom Event.


Now more recently, we have moved to another income stream that makes perfect sense and has even MORE benefits. Click HERE to read more about it.. just know we’re super pumped to share this gem with you as it can truly help you build and scale any business even more. 


We are making money, building an even larger team, and getting some stellar value out of the products.


You see, we don’t want to show off fancy cars, mansions, etc. although we have nothing against anyone who does that too…to us, it’s more than that…it’s the freedom lifestyle we have now of being able to go take nature walks here at the lake where we live, hang out at the pool getting exercise while working on our personal development, spending time with our boys and our grand children playing, take vacations and attend events wherever, and whenever. Great fun! ;)


We Discovered these 3 things that Transformed our Lives…Here they are:

1.) Vision-the vision of the leadership and company values where they empower and uplift everyone, from all walks of life to step into their greatness and share their stories in order to impact the world in a positive way. It’s about something bigger than ourselves.

2.) System-Automated system that does the telling and the selling for you while you’re sleeping, or off having fun with loved ones. This system is designed to upsell your current customers/team members as well so they can reap the rewards from phenomenal marketing education, and commissions that keep on coming as long as you stay consistent, persistent, and work.

3.) Comp plan/products - 100% commissions, and educational marketing products that help anyone and everyone, no matter what business they’re in. Information that the gurus don’t want you to know is shared in these products to potentially take your income to the next level… exponentially.


 Brian & Felicia White



Here’s why we are giving this to you…

We don’t want to see you struggle the way we did. We don’t want to see you living paycheck to paycheck, sacrificing time with your loved ones only to commute to a job you hate or even if you don’t hate your job, going to work to build someone else’s dream instead of stepping into your own greatness.




Talk about life changing! WHEW!



This is what we’re passionate about. What are YOU passionate about? Is it spending more time with loved ones, is it being a philanthropist, is it making a difference in others lives, is it traveling, is it being a leader?


Whatever IT is, time is of the essence. Make it happen today! No excuses! Just DO it!



We hope sharing our personal story has inspired you to take action on your goals and aspirations in life. If you’re struggling personally, physically or financially, we challenge you to face whatever you need to face, make a big change, stretch yourself and grow because the world needs you!


If you’re ready to join a team, a family of people who come from all walks of life who are making it happen, then click the yellow buttons below NOW and let’s get Rockin’!











Your Partners in Prosperity,

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