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How the Secret Changed My Life

 How the Secret Changed My Life Book Review



Rhonda Byrne never ceases to amaze us and now she wrote yet another gem called “How The Secret Changed My Life.” This book review will briefly touch on some very interesting examples of when the law of attraction was used to alter others lives in meaningful and powerful ways. Might even share some of our own examples of when the secret worked for us in our lives so be sure to read till the end. 


How the Secret Changed My Life” by Rhonda Byrne is a brilliant compilation of real life stories from people all over the world who have applied the law of attraction and are winning at life because of it. 


Do YOU believe in the secret aka the law of attraction or are you a doubter? Maybe, just maybe you’ll change your mind if you are a doubter by this end of this post…


how the secret changed my life

How the Secret Changed My Life


 One example is this guy by the name of John Pereira who had a dream of wanting to sing with Stevie Wonder on stage. At this particular time he was going through some personal trials with being depressed and angry with a business partner he had. His sister turned him onto the movie “The Secret” and as he watched, he made a decision to give it a whirl in his own life. 

He started telling everyone he was going to sing with Stevie Wonder on his birthday. He started planning for it as if it were real and one day while visiting his brother a commercial was paused on the t.v. to enter to win a chance to sing LIVE with Stevie Wonder. Tell me that’s not wild! Haha! So, he wrote in 20 words why he wanted to win and submitted it. 

A week or so later, he received the phone call that he won! BOOM! How cool is that?! 


You see there is a creative process that needs to be practiced when it comes to how the secret can change YOUR life and it is the following:

1.) Ask

2.) Believe

3.) Receive


An example of believing and receiving from the book “How the Secret Changed My Life” is from a lady by the name of Marta whose 21 daughter had lost her dog named Popeye. They made up fliers, put an ad in the paper, searched the neighborhood and spoke to folks all in hopes of finding her, but nothing for weeks. One day she was in the bookstore with her son and “The Secret” book cover caught her eye, so she bought it.

After reading it, she realized what she was doing wrong. She had put Popeye’s bed away in the garage because it was too painful to look at while missing him. So she got the bed back out, went to the vet and got his food and said thank you for him being home every day…even cried tears of joy at the thought of him being home safe and sound. 

I bet you can imagine what happened next! Yep someone called saying they had found him. A person who lived 15 minutes from her father who had been traveling had him clear in another state but he was returned home in no time. YAY! Love happy endings. 


This type of belief where she took the action steps of getting the pup’s food, getting the bed out of the garage and saying the words, “THANK YOU” are step 2 of the creative process and are super powerful to say the least. 


We’ll slip in an example from our own lives now… Brian and I had been practicing the law of attraction for some time. Started out small like finding parking spots at the store up close, so we knew it worked but we also had bigger things happen too. 

 We were both unhappy in our jobs working for others. I was office manager and was having physical symptoms due to stress. Brian was working out in the elements as a cable communications installer. We were living paycheck to paycheck. We didn’t see each other except for a few hours in the evening. Never got to travel or do much of anything for that matter.

We were burnt out and tired of the daily grind, even the commute to and from work in the cold winter months. We decided to practice the secret once again and next thing I knew, I was being laid off due to downsizing and 9 months later he was laid off too for the same reason.

This was a HUGE blessing in disguise! This is what we wanted but had been afraid to do anything. We asked and we received. This was the Universe/God stepping in and letting us know there IS something better out there. This is what prompted us to look into starting our own business building our dreams vs. someone else’s. We took our first unemployment check and got started. 

A couple years later, we started building teams. We were manifesting money while we slept, and fun trips to other states. Continued to travel more than we ever thought possible. We have been pretty much living on our terms ever since.

Matter of fact, we just recently went to Arizona to visit family and sight see for 2 weeks. We didn’t have to ask a boss for the time off. We just went. It was such an incredible trip to Sedona and Canyon Lake, Mesa, and that was manifested too by visualizing ourselves there. It doesn’t matter HOW it comes to you, just that it comes by asking, believing, and receiving. 

 how the secret changed my life



 Keys to the Creative Process:

  • For the law of attraction, nothing is impossible and everything is possible.
  • Whatever you consistently think about, you will attract into your life.
  • Ask, Believe, Receive- just three simple steps to create what you want.
  • Step one is to Ask. To ask, simply get clear in your mind about what you want.
  • You can be as specific as you want.
  • Once you have asked, know that what you want is already yours.
  • Step two of the creative process is Believe. Act, speak, and think as if you’ve already received your desire. 
  • To believe, think, talk, and act as though you have what you want now. 
  • How the Universe will bring your desire to you is not your concern or your job. 
  • When you believe, the Universe must move all things for you to receive.
  • Test the power of The Secret by asking for something small (like a penny with a specific year on it)
  • Step three of the Creative Process is Receive. When you feel good, you are on the frequency of receiving, and the things you want will come to you.
  • Ask once, believe you’ve received (let it go), and all you have to do to receive is feel good. 
  • Change your thoughts now, and you will change your life. 



Now believe me when we say we could on and on with all the examples in the book, but then you wouldn’t get the joy of reading it yourself so click HERE to purchase it yourself. You’ll love it! No, we don’t gain anything from it personally, except the feeling of happiness knowing that YOU are changing your life for the better. ;)


We have read all of Rhonda’s books and below you will see a list of other blog post/video series I’ve done to share with you this power in order to apply the secret in YOUR life.

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Also here’s another blog post that relates to how our inner world creates our outer world and it’s a book called “Thoughts are Things” written by Bob Proctor and Greg S. Reid.

Click the link below to check that series out. Great stuff as well! 

Thoughts are Things 


We trust you got value from this. Would love to hear your thoughts on this topic or any questions you may have. Let us know if you’ve read it too. 

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