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Kalatu Blog Review


Kalatu Blog Review

First off your’re probably wondering what does Kalatu mean? Kalatu is of Aboriginal origin and simply put means “to tell a story”.

So… What is it?

Kalatu is Empower Network’s 3rd and newest version of their Viral Blogging System.


I have to say Kalatu is the best blogging platform we have ever used. More on Kalatu and it’s features and benefits in a minute but first I want to share some of our many blogging nightmares with you and maybe you can relate.


Felicia and I have been blogging for over 5 years now and have used several different platforms along the way including Blogger, WordPress (free & paid versions), Empower Network’s Viral Blogging System versions 1 & 2 and now Kalatu or (ENV3).

When we first got into the work at home profession back in 2009 we started  our first blog on Blogger and had it shut down within a short amount of time. Why? Because the free blogging sites don’t like network marketing, internet marketing and work from home businesses and if that’s what your writing about they will shut you down eventually.

Our second blog we created was on which is a commercial website where you can host a free site with some limitations. What happened with our blog here? You guessed it. Shut down again.

At that point we had enough of the free blogging sites and their censorship and control over our content. Apparently these free blogging sites don’t believe in the First Amendment.


So then we started our first paid WordPress site. Although the WordPress software is free to download you have to set up hosting and buy a domain name which are not free. We had no idea what we were doing and it  literally took us a couple of months to get it all set up. We blogged consistently on that site for about 4 years.

When Empower Network launched back in 2011 we saw the value in a WordPress made easy blogging platform from all the blog nightmares we have gone through and joined right away. We started blogging on the Empower Network Viral Blogging System and loved it. The set up was so quick and easy. Anyone could have a blog up and running in minutes.


During this time we still had our WordPress blog and were maintaining two blogs for quite a while. Then one day I go to login to our WordPress dashboard and it’s gone. I call my hosting provider and they proceed to tell me that my credit card had expired and that I hadn’t updated my account with the new expiration date of my new card. So when they went to bill me for my hosting it failed so they shut down my site. They said that all my content was gone (over 400 blog posts) and if I wanted them to retrieve it, it would cost $250.00 for them to do it.

Needless to say I wasn’t to happy with them and decided I would just start my blog all over from scratch and that’s what I did.

Kalatu Blog Review


When ENV2 (Blog Beast) came out we weren’t huge fans of it and over time blogged less and less on it since we still had our wordpress blog. One thing we love about Empower Network is they aren’t afraid to take chances on things and if they don’t work out you can bet they will make it right and better than it was before.


That is exactly what they have done with the Kalatu Blogging Platform they have gone back to a wordpress based platform but without all the technical challenges we went through will all the other platforms we have used. We love the Kalatu Blogging Platform so much we recently shut down our WordPress site that we have been blogging on for close to 5 years now.




Some of the many features of the Kalatu Blogging Platform are:

  • Easy set up. You can be up and running in about 15 minutes.
  • Tutorial videos to show you exactly how to get set up.
  • Domain mapping so you can use your own domain name it you would like.
  • An awesome plugin that will give you ideas on what to blog about and even give you headline suggestions.
  • Done for you calls to action with just one click.
  •  Several stylish and professional themes to choose from.
  • Create custom pages
  •  Linkify plugin which creates tracking for all your blog post links
  •  Social Media card which allows people to see your latest social media posts right on your blog
  •  Authorbox which allows you to have more than one blog author.
  •  Optin Simple which lets  you quickly put an optin form on each of your blog posts


Some of the many benefits of the Kalatu Blogging Platform are:

  • Created by marketers for marketers
  • Your Kalatu blog includes hosting 
  • Runs super smooth and fast (just click around on this site and you will see what I mean)
  • You can write about anything you want and  not worry that your blog is going to get shut down
  • Join the 21 Day Day Blogging Challenge which keeps you accountable and consistent
  •  You don’t have to be an affiliate to use the Kalatu Blogging Platform (but if you do, you can earn 70% commissions on customers who purchase it through you.
  •  Super mobile friendly
  • The foundation is built on an aged authority domain that the whole community uses and keeps adding new pages of fresh content
  •  The website coding is built to be optimized and SEO friendly


 So in closing this Kalatu Blog Review would I recommend it?

Absolutely! If you can avoid all the blogging nightmares I discussed above why wouldn’t you. Click on the image below to get your Kalatu Blogging Platform today.


Kalatu Blog Review

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