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 Mistakes to Avoid with Your Home Based Business….


Mistakes to Avoid in Your Home Based Business


Hey there!We’ll get to the meat and potatoes of what mistakes to avoid in your home based business in just a minute, but first we want to let you in on something. You see, a lot of people go into such a venture thinking they are going to be rich overnight, without having to do anything.   We’re here to tell you that you do have to work and it will take time, but you CAN do it! Knowing  some of the mistakes to avoid ahead of time, can prove to be very helpful though. Check it out!

We’re now going to share with you some mistakes to avoid with your home based business. Drum roll, please…. ;)


1) Fear of Failure

Some people are so detrimentally afraid of failing or making mistakes that they end up failing before they even get started. We get it. We’ve been there before, but you simply can’t have that mentality if you truly want a richer, fuller life. 

Look at the Wright Brothers, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Babe Ruth and many many others. How many times did they fail? What if they would’ve given up?

You have to go into this knowing that it takes time to build any business. Fear will hold you back from achieving success. You simply MUST breakthrough that barrier! Failures can be great learning experiences that force you to stretch and grow. In your journey, just remember anything is possible with the proper mindset and actions.


2) Listening to Nay Sayers

There are always those who think you’re crazy for not conforming to society’s idea of what a “normal 9-5 job is. Those that tell you you’ll never make it in network marketing. Your home based business will fail. It’s too risky, etc. etc.

In reality, jobs are not secure. We all know what’s happening in this economy. It’s a far greater risk to put your life in the corporate world’s hands.

You simply must be committed to doing something about your future. You must take charge, take action, work hard, be thick skinned and NEVER give up! You can’t care what others say about you or to you. You just focus on your actions.


3) Guru Complex

We see this all the time. Others think they have to be a guru or know it all when it comes to marketing. They spend way too much studying and not enough time taking action or implementing what they’ve already learned. You need to start out mastering one thing before taking on multiple tasks at once. You need to do those income producing activities like connecting with your prospects.

It’s important to listen and take action on what you’ve learned, but don’t be afraid to be unique or try different things too.

Some of the most successful people in the world did what others told them would never work. They knew something about their own idea that even the gurus didn’t know.

Every path to success is different.


“Leaders must be close enough to relate to others, but far enough ahead to motivate them.”  

~John Maxwell





4) Information Overload

This goes back to what we stated above.

It’s called “analysis paralysis,” the condition of spending so much time thinking about a problem and cramming your brain with so much information that you lose the ability to act.

Some people have the mentality that they have to “get ready to get ready”, but many others subscribe to the “ready – fire – aim” philosophy of business success, knowing that acting on a good plan today is better than waiting for a perfect plan tomorrow.

Truly, too much studying can be a bad thing. Don’t suffer from information overload. Just take it one step at a time. Remember it takes time to build a business and really hone in on your personal development and skills.


5) Lack of Confidence or Posture

This can be a real killer. Just ask yourself one question…would YOU sign up with YOU? If not, you may need to change your approach. Others can sense your insecurity and will throw every objection at you. Confidence and having posture will eliminate those objections.

You have to not care if they join you or not; doing such creates curiosity and a desire to work with you. Remember you are supposed to be qualifying others to work with you. Trust us, you don’t want every Tom, Dick and Harry in your home based business. This is why working on personal development on a DAILY basis is so crucial. Become the hunted, not the hunter.


 6) Annoying Salesman Syndrome

This is a big one guys. We’ve seen this mistake over and over. People get so overly excited about their new venture that they want to shove it down others throats. They do the following distasteful things:

  • Blast emails out to all their family and friends asking them to join or buy the latest and greatest xyz product
  • Spam other people’s walls on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. etc.
  • Spam other’s blogs with their links
  • Voice broadcasts

None of these methods have anything to do with building relationships or rapport with people. None of these are about sharing as opposed to selling. Biggest turn off in the world, so heed our words-DON’T do it!


7) You Smooze, You Lose

Some people believe that if you just get to the right person or leader in a company and smooze them, get featured on a webinar, get on stage or whatever that they’ll get noticed big time and the rest is history. This is not the case, if you want the attention of the top people in the industry, you have to show results.

If you’re making them money, you’ll no doubt have their undivided attention. Trying to smooze them at an event won’t do a thing, so don’t be phony. Actions speak louder than words!

The same goes for thinking if you only get the big mlm heavy hitter superstar, that you’ve already won. If you’re someone of value, you will want to focus on their needs and how to help them, not what they can do for you. This will naturally attract them to you and your opportunity.


8) Short Term Thinking

This is definitely another mistake to avoid in your home based business. People forget that it takes time to build a business. Much like college or having a small business, you put in a lot of time, money and some overhead. Others end up quitting 6 months into their new home based business (sometimes sooner), if they aren’t making thousands a month right off the bat. Rome wasn’t built in a day, you know?! ;)



Building a legitimate home based business is the shortcut. It is the lowest risk way we know of that almost anyone can go from nowhere to somewhere. Too often others look for the shortcut to the shortcut. If you make it in this industry, it’s because you busted your tail and earned it. Focus on how you are providing value to the marketplace and how you can solve more people’s problems and you will become successful.


9) Not Being a Team Player

When you’re not present and available for your team, downline, etc. then you’re making a big mistake. Please don’t confuse this with babysitting others or doing the work for them. However; you must lead by example. Always be busy, but at the same time be there for your team.

Lead them, motivate them, solve problems to the best of your ability.  Answer their questions. Plug them into training and systems that will help them grow their business and create duplication.

If others don’t see the value you’re providing then they won’t want to do business with you. If you want retention in your home based business then you need to be a leader who is consistent.


That’s it guys! Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, remember that’s how you learn and grow. Never quit. Never give up! You got this and we believe in you!

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