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Pure Profit Pro – 9 Reasons to Get Involved


Hey Brian & Felicia White here and today we would like to share with you Pure Profit Pro – 9 Reasons to Get Involved.


Pure Profit Pro 9 Reasons to Get Involved: 



#9 – NO Monthly Fees

This is a HUGE reason to check out PPP! With most home based businesses you have a monthly auto-ship and usually another monthly charge for the marketing system attached to your opportunity. Just knowing that you can start a business in a box with a one time purchase or by upgrading is so nice for many because this allows you to concentrate on scaling the business you are most passionate about must faster in order reach the income and freedom lifestyle YOU so richly deserve. 


#8 – Get Paid Directly

No more waiting to get paid from a company or merchant account. With Pure Profit Pro you get paid directly from your customers. They are given several choices of how they would like to pay… such as cashiers check, money order, wire transfer, direct deposit and even Pay Pal.


#7 – Digital Products

All of the products inside Pure Profit Pro are digital products. That means there is nothing to ship or have a garage full of. When people buy they have instant access to the products and can then download them directly to their computer. It is yours to keep forever. The value included in these products is top notch and worth SO much more than what you pay. We still can’t believe how much they’re giving away. 

#6 –  Four Ways to get paid

With Pure Profit Pro there are four different ways to get paid. Super simple. No complicated explanation here, just watch the presentation by clicking the yellow button below and you’ll see. ;)

1 Direct Sales

2 Qualifying Sales

3 Roll-Up Sales

4 Upgrades



#5 –  Only 1 pass up

You only pass up your first sale of each product. That’s it! Not every 5th sale or every 2nd, 4th and 6th sale like some companies…only your first sale of each product. How awesome is that?! So simple to start making sales then use that money to reinvest in your business in order to scale up faster and really get into bigger ticket sales so you can retire, travel, fire your boss, donate, stay home with your children, be able to care for elderly or sick loved ones, get involved with your community, do something bigger….whatever freedom means to YOU. 



#4 –  Fair comp plan

Pure Profit Pro has a fair comp plan. With a lot of companies you only earn a commission on the products you own. With Pure Profit Pro you earn a commission equal to whatever package you are at. So let’s say you get in at the $250 package and then someone under you buys the $500 package you would still earn a $250 commission on that sale. Which makes it easy for people to upgrade quickly.



#3 – Marketing educational products

 All of the products inside Pure Profit Pro are marketing education products which will help you learn while you earn. It’s like getting paid to learn how to market your business which in turn is going to make you even more money. It’s a WIN-WIN! 




#2 – Community, support and resources

We have a large community to help you and a great support system and all the resources needed to take your business to the next level. If you join our team you will also have access to our private team Skype Group as well as our private “Team Freedom Mastermind Alliance” Facebook group and much more.



#1 – 100% Commissions

What can we say about 100% commissions, it just doesn’t get any better than that. They’re are a lot of home based businesses out there that pay tiny little commissions and it takes thousands and thousands of customers to make any real money that way. With Pure Profit Pro you can earn $250.00, $500.00 and $1000.00 commissions over and over again with no waiting to get paid from company or merchant hold-backs either. Pretty sweet!



If you would like more info on Pure Profit Pro and working with us and our team then click on the yellow buttons below.












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