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The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster - Part 4

The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster – Part 4


Hi Felicia White here and today I am continuing my series on the new book by Darren Hardy titled “The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster“.



Watch the video below where I share Part 4 from “The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster“:


 So as I stated in the video above I’m going to share with you the 4 light switches you have inside you right now that just need flipped on, but first…


I want to ask if you think everything should be awesome all the time or do you see how you can end up enjoying life despite the highs and lows of the entrepreneur roller coaster? 


I mean really, maybe it’s time for a reality check? Life is as good as you make it, but sometimes you have to go through those lows too. No one is happy 100% of the time. It’s just part of the journey and it’s ok. ;)


So, let’s get on with it, shall we?


The 4 Switches:


1. Being Passionate about What you do -

Everyone focuses on this one and believes it’s the most important. It’s a great one no doubt, but it also can be tricky. As I said above, you can’t live a life of  uninterrupted passion every day, all day. If  you look at Oprah or Branson’s life  behind the scenes, you’ll see that they have  huge demands put on them like  endless meetings, negotiations, lawsuits, contract reviews, rehearsals, make up  chairs, etc. etc.  So, basically 5 % of what they do is super duper cool and 95% of it pretty much sucks.


 This may shock you as it did us, but Darren even says to remind yourself by placing a stick note that says, “This work is going to suck 95% of the time” which I don’t necessary agree with. We really do enjoy our work, but to each his own. He also brought up a different perspective when it comes to hobbies vs. passions.            


He says some people do indeed find their passions. But some passions are meant  to remain hobbies – something you do for the sheer fun of it! He says, “Don’t be fooled by the falsely  exalted “WHAT” switch. That bulb can burn out in the  blink of an eye. Hmm.. what are YOUR  thoughts on these statements? 



2. Being Passionate about Why you do it – 


Darren talks about not loving what he loves most of the time due to the never  ending airports, planes, taxis, etc. not to mention the long hours on the  computer doing research, writing, editing, etc. but you know what?! He loves  WHY he does it. That’s the key! BOOM! 



He is super passionate about his mission of empowering other people who are on the entrepreneur roller coaster too. He loves helping people find success and get the results they want in every area of their lives. He enjoying serving as a beacon  of hope, prosperity, and abundance in a world that normally is all about scarcity, fear, gossip t.v. and dark news stories. etc. 



When you know your “Why” that makes all the other stuff that seems hard, complicated, or frustrating all worthwhile. 


             “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”     ~Mark Twain



Another thing we’ve heard time and time again is “If your ‘why’ doesn’t make you cry, then it’s not big enough.” You must dream big, think big, and act big. This is my little two cents here. I’m sure Darren would agree, don’t you think? 




3. Being passionate about how you do it. -


This part is so cool and I can totally relate too. Darren shares how he had this  housekeeper named Leticia who always went above and beyond with a smile on her face the  entire time. She took great care in HOW she did her job. She was meticulous  and passionate about doing a great job, not for Darren; but for herself.  


I’ve done housekeeping and felt the same way. It’s just a great way to be present. Although some people may look down on it. It’s truly a great way to get exercise, meet new people, and feel the rewards of accomplishing something. Plus if you have some frustrations personally, it can help you work them out. There’s something very therapeutic about cleaning. Napoleon Hill spoke a lot about going the extra mile and giving 100% every single time you do something, no matter what it is. It truly is rewarding. 


He actually ended up losing Leticia (his housekeeper) to someone with a huge estate who tripled her salary – a made her the head estate manager. That’s what happens when you go the extra mile and flip the switch of your passion ON! Opportunities seem to find you. Love it!


Now Darren says you can flip this “How” switch on anytime in anything you  do… even when you get dressed in the morning. It just requires bringing a level of presence, joy, and energy into everything and anything you choose. Loving how you do what you can be a truly enlightening way to live. YOU should try it! Go on now!  ;) 


4.  Being Passionate about Who you Do it For -


This is the means – to – the – end switch. You may not be passionate about  what you do, why you do it, or even how you go about doing it, but you do it with passion because of WHO it benefits. 


Now, in this particular section, Darren shares a story of a man by the name of Todd who was hugely successful in riding the entrepreneur roller coaster  to the top. He was mega rich, had a beautiful wife and two amazing sons. Long story short, he ended up in a fierce court battle (which you can read more about in the book, “The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster”) lost his beautiful wife to cancer, and was suddenly the single father of two teenage boys who lost their mom. 


One day when he was in an extreme low on his personal roller coaster, his  son Jonathan told him “Dad, we need. You gotta do what you teach. You  gotta keep going.” He didn’t question what he was going to do or how he  was going to do it. He just said to himself, ” I have to do it for them.”   Period. 



When YOU think about your business maybe what you do isn’t all the awe – inspiring. Maybe there is no great mission or grand why. Maybe you’re not all that pumped up to make how you perform daily tasks your work of art either. But maybe, just maybe it’s the resource to help or support financial security to who you love and cherish. 


When you refocus your mind on who is being served by what you do, why and how you do it, all of the sudden your passion is turned ON and it all becomes more meaningful. Ahhh, the great entrepreneur roller coaster starts back up…climbing higher and higher! 


Which switch are YOU going to flip? Know this, no matter which switch you decide on, once you flip it; it’ll give you the adrenaline you’ll need to persevere through the twists, dips, and loops of the track ahead on the entrepreneur roller coaster. Ready, set, GO! 




Click below to grab your copy of Darren Hardy’s The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster.




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