8 Twitter Changes Coming in 2015


8 Twitter Changes Coming in 2015


We're going to share with you 8 Twitter Changes Coming in 2015, but first I have to be completely honest or transparent with you..... I don't really use Twitter that much. Mostly my husband Brian aka "B" uses it to share our blog posts, quotes, and thoughts of the day, but as for me... I'm guilty as charged as being a slacker when it comes to this particular platform and quite frankly I'm ok with it. I still feel this is valuable for all the Twitter users and marketers out there in internet land. Just because it's not my forte' doesn't mean it can't be for YOU. To each his/her own, right?! ;)


So, I came across this article about the "8 Twitter Changes Coming in 2015", and wanted to let you all in on it along with my own spin, so let's get to it! 


8 Twitter Changes Coming in 2015


8 Twitter Changes Coming in 2015


  1. Timeline Highlights- in other words; Twitter has put together all the best tweets while you're away from the platform following other peeps, that you can read when you come back. 
  2. Instant Timelime- this is largely for new users on Twitter, but also for other users who have come back and need a healthy timeline. Twitter has come up with a new screen where you can find friends or upload contacts and is further analyzed by Twitter to come up with a personalized instant timeline. I'm sure it'll be dope. Did I just say that?! haha!
  3. More Events- this micro blogging site will add up to 25 events next year to really customize the users experience. Events have worked quite well thus far, so why not?
  4. Hashtag Mania- people LOVE #hashtags, right?! Well, now they'll be even more search friendly. Twitter aims to index over 50K most popular hashtags in all the search engines so they'll be easier to find. Super hashtag power activate! 
  5. Above and beyond Vine- Twitter endeavors to create even more apps to not only bring new users to the platform but assist in becoming more of a distribution space. They aim to have a product that helps with information sharing but also Twitter wants to become the fastest revenue generating companies. Point blank. 
  6. Video Friendly- Users may be able to upload, edit, and publish videos on Twitter being that the platform aims to focus more on video content. This might be an additional feature apart from Vine.
  7. Advertise- Twitter plans to being something similar to Facebook's boost post, but it will be called Quick Promote in additional to some other advertising options like click to call polling, etc. Pretty sweet for us online marketers! YEAH YAH! 

  8. Value for Logged Out Users- Twitter will now have value for those who come to the platform and aren't logged in. Users usually go to the platform due to referrals from others or from being on certain websites like Kohls and when you click on the tweet button, it takes you to their Twitter profile; Now Twitter will show not only that brand's tweets but other recommendations for you too on the right hand side. (see example below):

8 Twitter Changes Coming in 2015



So, that's about it guys and gals on these new and exciting changes from the Twitter platform, although you may also like this


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Memories of a Great Soul...


Today marks the 4 year date of when my best friend and sister left this earth. I'm writing this to share the fact that even when tragedies happen, you can have the where with all to overcome them and learn to not waste precious time. I also want to share Memories of a Great Soul, because her life mattered. It counted for something. She was a light in this world that shone bright. 


I will spare the details of how her life ended and just share Memories of a Great Soul because her laugh, her smile, and her spunky spirit still remains in my heart. I choose to remember the great times, not the horror of what happened and if you've suffered any tragedies or losses, YOU can choose that too. It's up to you. 



Memories of a Great Soul

Time is an illusion…..

As Einstein once said “There is no time.”

.....we live through a succession of ‘Now’s.’

Your time on earth is not getting longer, it’s getting shorter.

You’re not getting closer to your birth, you’re getting closer to your death.

The huge hour glass is emptying sands from your life.

Yet, you still want to wait until the time is right before taking the action you know you need to take.




When I think of her, I smile. I know that she was such a kind hearted, bubbly, loving, strong person who put others first. She was a devoted, single mother who always took great care of her children..supporting them in all sorts of extra curricular activities like volleyball, baseball, football, cheerleading, choir, and much more. 


Her son's graduation-so proud, so happy! 


Steph and her daughter who is my God daughter- LOVE! 



Me and Steph with her youngest son...such a sweetie! 



This is Steph, with her son and my grand daughter who seemed to really love him! 


Family was her world and her friends were her family too which is why I call her my sister. We were actually closer than any sisters. We went through a lot together and supported each other along the many trials but mostly had a blast and lots of laughs because we were just happy, crazy peeps. Many thought we were sisters and just for fun..sometimes we told people we were. We certainly felt that way, so it's ok. 



We worked on cars together, did home improvements, she even represented herself in court one day while making sure she got custody of her son at one point. One tough cookie I must say! 

Many times we sat listening to Sheryl Crow, Eagles, James Taylor, Leonard Skynard, AC/DC, really all kinds of music, playing cards with her good friend Jeff, we went to the local Picnic Pub bar and danced our butts off, watched the OSU games, even sat around bon fires just talking and drinking beer. 

We had fun shopping together, eating out, and even went to the Funny Bone to watch some comedians...her laugh was loudest of anyone there. Haha! 

She was a crazy, wild, fun chica who wasn't afraid to be herself. She could be a party animal, but she could also be professional when she needed to be..was such a hard worker. She held down 2-3 jobs often to help provide for her children.

She loved working at the Apple Valley Gulf Course and all the guys loved her dearly. There was no one else like her and never will be again. She is missed amonst so many. 

I'm so thankful we told each other we loved each other often. She was there for me when my mom had her mastectomy. I was there for her when her step mother passed. I could go on and on but I won't bore you any longer. 



This was a party we had around the 4th of July. Such a blast! 

Memories of a Great Soul like Steph are proof positive that when you lose someone, you never forget them. Ever. It's normal, it's natural to feel that loss every day, when you were used to talking to them all the time, had a bond so strong, had so many wonderful times together. It is possible to heal too. With time, it does get easier. I promise. 


I remember this one time, we took a rode trip with the kids when they were younger to visit my step mother in Tennessee. One of the fun things we did was go downtown Nashville to watch the fireworks on the 4th of July. Well, my step mom said she would take the kids back to the house so we could go dancing at the different bars up and down the strip..so we took her up on the offer and had the best time ever. It was always an adventure with her. We ended up literally running and hiding from this one guy who we named, "Cheech" because he looked like Cheech, you know from Cheech and Chong? There's more to the story,but not really appropriate to share. Haha! 

Anyway, we then got lost trying to find our way home at 2:30 in the morning and so we didn't get home till around 4am. Often, and this was one of those times, we laughed so hard, we cried. Like I said, always an adventure, but great fun to say the least. Do you have a friend like that? 


There are many Memories of a Great Soul I could share, but the point of this is to really show you, we should celebrate their lives instead of remaining stuck or sad. 

We always thought we would grow old together sipping coffee and talking on the deck that she built with her own two hands but tomorrow isn't promised to any of us. 

If we have big dreams in our hearts, we must act now. She didn't wait around on someone to help her if she wanted something...she just did it. We can learn a lot from her. She was completely self sufficient and bold. We must be too. 

The time to act is NOW! Quit putting off your desires and dreams. You deserve to live a fulfilling life. God designed us for greatness and it's doing a huge disservice to God and humanity for us not to recognize and truly live it. 



"Procrastination is the thief of time." ~Edward Young (English poet)




Someday may never come. As Tony Robbins said, "The road to someday leads to the town of nowhere." Death can wake you up. Make you count your blessings and realize that we need to make the most of today. Be fully present.

One day she was here and then gone...just like that. She wasn't sick so there was no warning. She was taken. It wasn't right. It was unexpected and tragic. You hear about these things in the news and you're detached, desensitized even, but it can happen to anyone. I don't say that to scare you, but to prompt you to take action on your goals and dreams today. Never settle for mediocrity. You're better than that. 

So live with purpose, on purpose, and much like these Memories of a Great Soul, we must remember it's not the years in your life, but the life in your years that counts. Live BIG! Be bold and take risks, Step out of your comfort zone and try new things, go places you've never been. 


"Life is not just the passing of time. Life is the collection of experiences and their intensity." ~Jim Rohn


I hope this message and the Memories of a Great Soul spoke to your heart and made you realize YOUR power. 


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Brian & Felicia White


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